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Identify job openings. Half of your time should be spent using Internet based job search engines and classified ads and half of your time networking with the people who can hire you - at companies, at career fairs, workshops & conferences. You can also use headhunters. Headhunters typically operate within industries. There more approaches you use, the better your chances will become.

Construct a resume, cover letter, and support materials, e.g., reference list, portfolio, thank you and follow up letters, for different positions. For online searching, find the best electronic format for resumes and letters. Give these documents to other professionals for feedback. Always get the names of contact persons, even if searching is required.

Develop a timetable of deadlines and keep accurate records of submissions, replies, and follow-up activities. Also keep the job advertisement on file for at least 3 months since if you get a call for an interview you will want to review the information.

Prepare for your interview, using informational techniques for learning about a company and the people interviewing you. Role playing and videotaping with professionals will improve your interview performance. Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask.

Keep a level head about time needed for searching, favorable responses, rejections, being ignored, and delays. Rejection is inevitable, but try to stay positive. In most cases, if you are unsuccessful at an interview, you can ask the employer for constructive criticism. This will help you learn more about yourself and ways to improve for next time.

Be ready to react to offers and to negotiate. You should have an idea in your mind of what you are prepared to accept as a minimum salary. Be sure to weight the pros and cons of offers before making decisions and commitments.


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