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The best way to choose and decide on a career path is to follow your interests but here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Examine your personal values by taking tests and visiting a career counseling service.
  • Identify, gather, and use relevant information about your options, your interests, the careers you are considering, the salary and the outlook for that particular industry.
  • Understand and develop goals and plans for converting information into action.

Each decision is limited by what you are capable of now or in the future, by your ability to identify alternatives, and by what you are willing to do. Skillful decision-making requires you to be focused, flexible and open to new ideas. The following are guidelines and questions to keep in mind to help you with decision-making.

  1. Define the problem and your situation.
  2. State your goal clearly. What outcome do you want from this decision?
  3. List the initial alternative solutions. Which are the safe ones? Which require risk? How much risk do you feel comfortable with? What are the outcomes of each solution?
  4. Collect information and expand the list of alternatives. What kind of information do need? Where can you obtain it?
  5. Compare your options with what you know about yourself, your values, your personal situation, your resources, and your constraints.
  6. Take action on your choice. How can you implement your choice? What action can you take now? What action can you take later?
  7. Stay positive and seek advice from anyone you think may be helpful.


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