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Career Preparation and Planning

Career planning is an exciting but difficult process of finding your ideal career, based upon your intrinsic interests, motivational traits, personal work style, personality, values and skills. You probably have some idea of what kind of career you want to pursue. But how much do you really know about this occupation? Do you know what is done on a daily basis? Are you aware of the working environment? Are there a lot of employment opportunities for this career? Do you have the required experience and education?

People often go years, or their whole lives, without exploring their potential for success. A large percentage of people do not enjoy their work. Students often decide upon a major without fully exploring the most rewarding options for them. It has been proven that people that work in a career that supports their intrinsic interests are happier and more successful.

Whether a first career or careers change, millions of people are using career planning to find their ideal career.

For it to be effective, career planning has to be as specific as possible. You can take online tests by yourself but it is always recommended to seek help with a professional. They can provide new ideas and also offer an outside, unbiased point of view.


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