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There are a growing number of sites dedicated to job searching. Millions of employers and placement agencies are using on-line sites to post their opportunities and even more job hunters are using these sites to post their resumes.

Here are some general tips when looking for a career:

  • Try to find sites that relate specifically to your industry interest.
  • Post your resume on as many sites as you think are relevant.
  • Be sure to frequently check the websites of firms that you are interested in working with since they may not post opportunities widely.
  • Use friends and contacts to learn about new opportunities.
  • Try headhunters and placement agencies, even though they may have only temporary positions, these jobs can get you in touch with the right people.

Here are some of the career searching engines that are widely used


How It Works

Automated matching of people's skills with available jobs

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Job Seeker

Fill out a skill chart that will outline all the skills you are good at

Fill a Skill Chart
Hire Someone

Don't waste time reading resumes. Find exact skills you need

Find Skills
Careers Section

Learn about different career opportunities and skills needed


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