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The following is a list of Essential Transferable Skills:

Reading Text
Reading text involves the ability to read and comprehend notes, letters, memos, manuals, regulations, books, reports or journals.

Document Use
Document use refers to the understanding of information displays in which ideas are given meaning by their spatial arrangement. This includes graphs, lists, tables, blueprints, drawings, signs and labels.

Writing skills include the ability to write texts both by hand and digitally, as well as the ability to fill in forms.

The effective use of numbers is a crucial skill in many occupational areas, and includes the ability to undertake basic calculations and to think in quantitative terms.

Oral Communication
The ability to express your ideas verbally in a concise, clear manner.

Thinking Skills
This includes problem-solving, decision-making, job task planning and organizing, and significant use of memory and finding information.

Interpersonal skills
This skill involves getting along with a variety of people, dividing tasks, providing feedback and working as a group toward a common goal.

Computer Use
This includes an understanding of basic computer functions and programs, the ability use e-mail and the Internet, and being comfortable with computers along with the ability to learn new applications as needed.


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