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General Career Training can be divided into two parts:

  1. the training you can get that will help you in looking for a job and
  2. developing transferable skills that can help you get the job you want.

Training that you many want to receive prior to beginning your job search will focus on resume writing, cover letter writing, networking, job hunting skills, interview techniques, follow up letters, thank you letters, making 'cold calls' and tips on how to negotiate contracts.

Developing your transferable skills is more difficult than learning how to write a resume. Transferable skills such as reading and writing skills, computer literacy skills, inter-personal skills, management skills and communication skills are all examples of things that companies look for when they are hiring an employee. To improve you transferable skills you could take writing or computer classes, however, employers are looking for concrete examples and usage of these skills so to develop and demonstrate your abilities, it is a good idea to volunteer or do part-time jobs to improve in these areas.

For most careers, specific education and training will be necessary. This can include university degrees, technical diplomas, certain certifications or licenses that you may require. To find an accredited school that can train you quickly and to learn about scholarships, financial aid, placement and more, go to:

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