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How It Works

SkillChart is not your traditional jobs website. This website is for both job seekers and employers to use. We work hard to match individuals with the right jobs:

Job Seeker

  • fill a skill chart that will help outline all the jobs that you are qualified to do
  • our automated matching system will notify you of all jobs requiring your skills
  • our system will also notify all employers looking for skills such as yours
  • we work hard on making sure each job seeker gets the maximum exposure
  • big selection of temp and freelance jobs maximize your chance at earning an income right away

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  • no need to read 100 resumes looking for exact skills you need for the job
  • accurate skill matching system finds exact and qualified matches
  • hire temp, part-time, and freelance workers quickly. Find carpenters, models, electricians, gardeners, plumbers, tour guides, secretaries, etc.

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How It Works

Automated matching of people's skills with available jobs

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Job Seeker

Fill out a skill chart that will outline all the skills you are good at

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Don't waste time reading resumes. Find exact skills you need

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Learn about different career opportunities and skills needed


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